Working out at Kairos

Group pic at Kairos retreat center

Group pic at Kairos retreat center

Group 2


Kairos is where the Zen Center of Spokane holds the twice yearly retreats. It is a beautiful setting in the wooded hills north of Spokane that allows for deep settling in retreats. The two sisters, sister Florence and sister Rita maintain and hold the stillness of the place really well for visitors.

A couple times of the year, members of the Zen center come out to help maintain the property.

Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks
Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
The St. Elmo’s fire dances on my brow.
There is a soft scratching at the windowpane
As it seeks to join the Light pouring through.
A pair of wood ducks fly down out of the cottonwood,
To feed side by side with the quail…
No barriers.

Dave Gordon