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  1. Sandra Haskin

    Hello Sheila,

    We meet the third Saturday of each month in the Sarnac Building. We meet after the morning sitting. The sitting is from 8:00am to 9:30am. We meet at 10:00am for the book study. May21st we are looking at an article called “Great Doubt” it is available on the web, by Jeff Shore. In June we will resume with looking at the book called Roaring Stream. We will be on Chapter 24 in the Roaring Stream on June 18th. Please write back if you want to attend as the building has a door code which we do not publish. Thanks for your interest, Sandy

  2. Patti Zimmerman

    Hello Sandy,

    I spoke with you last spring and remember your kind and welcoming nature. I would like to sit with your group but the times do not work for me. May I join your book group after the Saturday sitting?


  3. Barbara A Coe

    Is the Zen book group still meeting? I am a Shambhala practitioner as of several years but am in Spokane and interested in Zen Buddhism as well. I would appreciate information.


    Is the book study still available? Do I call before coming to a meditation? Is the information here still current?
    Thank you

    1. Don Adair

      Hi, Colleen.

      We hold book study every third Saturday following our regular meditation session. Book study based on our meditation practice and participants are expected to sit zazen with us. If you would like to join us, please let us know and we’ll arrange a short orientation before our next sitting.


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